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Rhetoric and Civic Life Blog Posts
For this section I have submitted what I think are my three best blog entries. Unlike the rest of the entries in my blogging this semester, these entries required an ample amount of thought as well as some research.
Rhetoric of a Killing
In this blogging entry I decided to explore how rhetoric can be used to form opinions and incite anger. The killing of Trayvon Martin was extremely tragic but at the same his death created a rhetorical situation. Everybody from common citizens to congressmen, have sought answers for the death of Martin. Was it murder, was it self defense? Did racism play a major role? As consumers of rhetoric we must explore these question and my blog post touches on the questions at hand.

The Effect Images and Font Have on Our Opinions
Images and even certain types of font can influence our opinions and how we think about a rhetorical situation. A font like Times New Roman conveys a serious, professional message while a font such as Broadway can convey a fun, childish message. When we see pictures of certain famous people doing things they should not be, that will automatically influence how we think and feel about that person. This is why political parties to advertisment agencies use font and images to persuade us into thinking as well as feeling a certain way.

Walking in the Shoes of a PSU Student

LT Michael Murphy, PSU graduate and American Hero
As a future military officer, I decided it would be most appropriate to focus on a true hero from Penn State, LT Micheal Murphy. It is important to understand the bravery and patriotism that people in the armed forces possess. Murphy gives Penn State an outstanding name. For his bravery under fire and his ultimate sacrifice, Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor. It is our nation's highest military decoration.

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